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Welcome to the Honda S2000 Wiki

You can use the links on the left side to view all categories and navigate through the wiki.

Feel free to register in order to create and edit content. Below are some important and common topics listed.


Honda S2000
Overview, general description, specifications and other useful information about the Honda S2000 and it's history.
Service Manual
All kind of service and workshop manuals in different languages.
Owners Manual
Owners manual in different languages.


Maintenance guides
Overview of all maintenance/replacement/installation guides.
Changing engine oil
A guide on how to change the engine oil (intervals, required tools, ...)
Changing differential oil
A guide on how to change the differential oil (intervals, required tools, ...)
Changing transmission oil
A guide on how to change the transmission oil (intervals, required tools, ...)
Second gear grinding
A list of methods to fix the second gear grinding.

Oil and other fluids + OEM and aftermarket parts

Engine oil
An explanation of the different engine oils and their specifications. Oil recommendations for the S2000.
Oil and other fluids
Overview of guides regarding other oils, fluids and their relevant parts.
OEM and aftermarket parts
Overview of guides regarding OEM and aftermarket parts.

S2000 Owners list

S2000 Owners list
A list of people on this website who provided information about them self and/or their S2000.