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Year 2004
Owner since 2013
Odometer when bought 17.700km
Current odometer 40.200km
Color New Formula Red
Country Austria (EU)
Euromeet attendee 20th Anniversary
Tires Michelin PS4 215/245
Engine oil Mobil1 5W-50
Transmission oil Castrol Syntrans FE 75W
Differential oil Castrol Syntrax LongLife 75W-90

Service History[edit]


  • 11.09.2013 - 17.700km: Purchase of my Honda S2000
  • 29.09.2013 - 19.033km: Clutch pedal free play adjustment, new clutch fluid, Air filter (K&N), Moddiction Engine Heat Shield
  • 21.11.2013 - 20.281km: Engine oil (AMSOIL Signature Series 5w-30), Oil filter (Honda 15400-PCX-004), Gearbox oil (Honda MTF3), Differential oil (M1 Mobilube1 SHC 75W-90), Modifry Glove Box Organizer


  • 23.06.2014 - 22.311km: New tires (Yokohama Advan NEOVA AD08R 225+255), New radiator (Honda 19010-PCX-013), Engine coolant (Honda Type 2 Blue 50/50)
  • 16.11.2014 - 22.894km: Engine oil (LM Synthoil High Tec 5w-40), Oil filter (Honda 15400-PCX-004), Car battery (Varta Blue Dynamic)


  • 29.11.2015 - 25.675km: Engine oil (LM Synthoil High Tec 5w-40), Oil filter (Honda 15400-PCX-004), Honda S2000 Premium OEM Floor Mats


  • 20.08.2016 - 26.924km: Air filter (K&N)
  • 04.12.2016 - 28.512km: Engine Oil (LM Synthoil High Tec 5w-40), Oil filter (Honda 15400-PCX-004)


  • 06.09.2017 - 32.819km: Air filter (K&N) + K&N FIPK Intake
  • 09.12.2017 - 33.116km: Engine oil (M1 5w-50), Oil filter (Honda 15400-PCX-004), Gearbox oil (Castrol Syntrans FE 75W)


  • 17.03.2018 - 33.116km: Supersprint Catback Exhaust
  • 15.06.2018 - 33.981km: GROM Audio Adapter (BT/AUX/USB/Mic)
  • 09.11.2018 - 35.638km: Engine oil (M1 5w-50), Oil filter (Honda 15400-PCX-004)


  • 16.02.2019 - 35.640km: Car battery (Hawker Odyssey PC925), Car battery holder (JDM), Modifry Convertible Top Fix, Front brake pads (Ferodo DS Performance), Cabinet filter, Cavity and underbody preservation (Fluid Film AS-R)
  • 28.05.2019 - 39.857km: Michelin PS4 (215+245)
  • 30.06.2019 - 40.122km: OEM Titanium Shift Knob
  • 28.07.2019 - 40.680km: Shin-Etsu (Trunk, Engine department, Soft top, Windows,...)
  • 04.08.2019 - 41.041km: New K&N Airfilter and K&N FIPK / Intake
  • 29.08.2010 - 42.296km: AutoTecknic Carbon Fiber Cooling Plate/Intake Snorkel
  • 16.11.2019 - 43.101km: AEM Dryflow Airfilter


  • 19.03.2020 - 43.163km: HJS 200 Catalyst, Engine oil (M1 5w-50), Oil filter (Honda 15400-PCX-004), Differential oil (Castrol Syntrax LongLife 75W-90)
  • 10.04.2020 - 43.353km: Spark Plugs (NGK #IFR7G-11KS)
  • 23.04.2020 - 43.462km: Valve clearance adjustment
  • 08.05.2020 - 43.891km: Doctronic ProECU-K-S2000, Dyno-Tune by Doctronic + ECU-Performance
  • 19.05.2020 - 44.079km: New thermostat (OEM #19301-P8E-A10), Engine coolant (Honda Type 2 Blue 50/50)
  • 04.07.2020 - xx.xxkm: KW V3+ Suspension (with new complete OEM top hat), Drive shaft spacers, Front anti bump steer kit, Wiechers front strut bar
  • 06.07.2020 - xx.xxkm: Rear brake pads (Ferodo DS Performance)


Exhaust Supersprint Catback + HJS 200 Catalyst
Intake K&N FIPK + AEM Dryflow Air filter + AutoTecknic Carbon Fiber Cooling Plate/Intake Snorkel
Car Battery Hawker Odyssey PC925
Brake Pads Ferodo DS Performance
Tires Michelin PS4 (previously AD08R)
Suspension KW V3+, Drive Shaft Spacers, Front Anti Bump Steer Kit, Wiechers front strut bar
ECU Doctronic ProECU-K-S2000 + Tune/Mapping by Doctronic
Audio GROM Audio Adapter (BT/AUX/USB/Mic)
OEM Parts Premium Floormats + Titanium Shift Knob
Others (Modifry) Engine Heat Shield + Convertible Top Fix + Glove Box Organizer

Still want to do/change/modify[edit]

Currently nothing


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Sneida S2000 Merano Italy 2019.jpg
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Sneida S2000 Cleaning in Trentino Italy at Euromeet 2019.jpg